South Reno UMC Preschool offers a faith based preschool program, grounded in Christian values. Our program offers hands on experiences that nurture and encourage children in not only academics, but faith and community. Our goal is to help each child to become excited about learning, friendship, respect for others, and to develop a positive attitude towards life and the learning process.

Curriculum includes Chapel Time, Gross and Fine Motor Skill Development, Science and Math Concepts, Art, Reading, and many hands on activities and experiences.

Our Goals at SRUMC

South Reno UMC Preschool provides a Christian atmosphere where children are encouraged to explore, play, and grow.

Our goal is to meet each child’s individual spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs through the highest quality curriculum, personnel, and facility.

We strive to:

1. Provide a welcoming and loving school community for our preschool children and their families.

2. Provide children with an educational program that fulfills their individual needs based on observation and assessment.

3. Help children understand that they are valued.

4. Employ teachers and staff that provide understanding and sensitivity to each child and their family.

5. To help each child develop positive self-esteem; letting the children know that their ideas and feelings count.